Photography by Shane O'Neal


About the show


International artists from dance and contemporary circus come together for a special evening to challenge gravity, defy, push boundaries, and share stories of overcoming. We lift our spirits and our glass to celebrate.


September 7th

Doors open at 7pm

1st (early) show: 9pm

2nd (late) show: 12am


Location: The Industrial

2330 Industrial Rd.


"This is our opportunity to dress up, show up, gather to do something fun, meet people in our Las Vegas community and beyond. An evening to cross our paths and share our guiding lights for physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Come out to play and watch great artistry." -Jenyne

From Cirque du Soleil, elite world championships, tours around the globe, many different types of astounding artists will be collected under one roof, on this stage, for only one night. You do not want to miss the opportunity to watch this delightful presentation.


Performance artists


 Featuring international pole stars such as...

Jenyne Butterfly 
Oona Kivela
Heidi Coker
Natasha Wang
Rachel Tolzman
Tara Meyer
Magnus Labbe
Brandon Grimm




Luja Productions is the creative company in Las Vegas that brings you live shows, specialty talents, themed events and creative promotional services. We offer entertainment design of all aspects including costumes and choreography. Formed by Cirque du Soleil artists known for thinking outside the box, Luja is determined to show you something you've never seen before. No job is too big or too small. Got questions? We've got answers.


quixotic fusion

Step into the world of spectacular performance art with stunning visuals that delight with light...

"Rise...an uplifting experience" is a collaboration of unique elements brought to you by Quixotic Fusion and Luja Productions, under the dream and direction of former Cirque du Soleil artist Jenyne Butterfly. Together we provide world-class performers a night to portray their messages of overcoming life obstacles. Open your mind, engage in our world.

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